Application Loader Cross Platform Edition

Appuploader is the iOS APP shelves to App Store auxiliary tools to solve the iOS APP shelves cumbersome time to help cross platform APP developers on Apple applications,In the absence of the configuration of the Mac apple machine, the realization of the iOS certificate application, create iOS developer certificate, iOS certificate issued by ,various types of certificates, breaking Mac computer restrictions.Help iOS developers in Windows, Linux or Mac system upload IPA to App Store, Simplify iOS APP shelf flow! Windows PC in the fast and easy shelves of your APP

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IOS distribution certificate

iOS provisioning profiles

IPA submit App Store

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iOS Certificate&Provisioning Profile Manage

IOS Provisioning Profile and Certificate is managed through xcode or Apple Keychain Assistant generally, And the certificate can be used in the computer where the certificate is created only. Application Loader only need the name, password and type to create a certificate on window,linux or mac,And the certificate can be used any where More

Submit Ipa in Windows,Linux or Mac

Through the Application Loader you can upload one or more ipa file to the appstore in windows, mac or linux, the probability of failure will be greatly reduced, if you do not use the Application Loader ipa file can only be uploader by application loader in mac, and Often upload failed. More

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batch upload screenshots and update APP infomation

Are you upsetting the uploading of app screenshots to itunesconnect? Application Loader can batch upload ios app screenshots, batch update application description and iap product information, automatic deployment, rapid update applications, greatly improve efficiency More

User Say

IOS device debugging, convenient

She development of a Appcan APP, to package the iOS version of the real machine test, no Mac, iOS test certificate cannot be created. Then by Appuploader under a few good for device debugging and certificate description file, packaged IPA, successfully installed to mobile phone test

iOS APP Submit process、simple

Bamboo green through the development of a new app before, before the shelves are to the Android platform, and now want to go to the shelves App Store try. See a lot of tutorials on the Internet, there are many steps, first to find a friend to borrow an apple developer account, but also encountered the need Mac to create a iOS certificate and IPA upload process difficulties, Appuploader solves all his problems at this time

Update APP information, fast

Chen should on a multi language version of the iOS APP, created a APP in itunesconnect, each language version of the information and pictures to fill in, and heavy workload, update the APP information through the Appuploader function tool template key, quickly set up the language version of the APP information

Shelves more than APP, save time

Like companies often have to a large number of APP to the App Store shelves, shelves before it is slow to spend a lot of time, since the use of the apple Appuploader apps tools, a key to the multiple iOS APP fast on success, don't have to worry about can not complete the task of the shelve