1、Can run on Windows, Linux or Mac systems, If you do not have a Mac, you can easily upload IPA

2、Quickly create iOS certificate, just enter the iOS certificate name, password, mailbox 3 seconds to generate p12 file

3、Quickly upload IPA to App Store to quickly update APP information

Unconditional free use for one month

In the use of software problems can be sent to us, we will answer for you as soon as possible.


The software needs to run java operating environment, according to the system version of the preferred installation java!

Java-Windows-x64 download

java-windows-32 download

java-macosx-x64 download

java-linux-x64.tar download

java-linux-32.tar download

You can also click the free download Java online installation to automatically identify your system.


Install the latest Java operating environment, directly with the Apple Developer account can log in to use.

Apple official regulations, to ensure that the cost has been valid in the developer account to apply for iOS certificate and upload IPA

If there is no developer account to apply for a loan or loan

Appuploader new feature

Not Apple Developer ID Create ios certificate and build ipa

You can use our registered apple id experience   

Apple   password:abc123456ABC

If you open the login dual authentication (phone verification code login), login will prompt an error, please close。

log in

Click Edit

Choose to turn off phone verification and set up new security issues.

The software has three main function points, an application of the key to the iOS certificate, upload IPA key, a key to update itunesconnect on the APP information!

Software use and upload iOS APP have any questions, you can send me an e-mail.

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