Here details iOS App upload App Store process, read this article can quickly master iOS APP upload skills to help beginners to develop


On the shelves, iOS requires a paid developer account that has not yet applied for a loan or loan.


Apply for a developer account


The shelf is divided into seven steps, step by step.


In the use of software problems can be sent to us, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

Look at this process carefully, take a lot of detours, do not try to try mistakes, prompting efficiency.



1, create APP ID (App IDs)

2, apply for iOS  certificate

3, apply for iOS description file

4, Build IPA

5, create an App in iTunes Connect

6, upload IPA to the App Store

7, upload a good IPA back to iTunes Connect fill APP information and submit the audit


一, Create a unique identifier App IDs


APP IDs in the back to create a release file, create an APP must be used

First open the Developer Center Apple Developer, enter the certificate page.


1.1 Click the certificate, ID and accessory file to enter the settings.



1.2 Select App IDs -> Click + to create a new App ID



There are two items that you need to fill in yourself:


The first name, used to describe your App ID, the casual fill, there is no limit, it is best to project name, so easy to identify their own (not allowed Chinese)


The second Bundle ID (App ID Suffix), which is your App ID suffix, need to fill out carefully. Used to mark our app, so that it has a fixed identity, and your program directly related. Fill out the format of Explicit App ID:, according to the format to write, write a convenient note, followed by a lot of places to use.


The third App Services, the default will choose 2, can not be modified, the other according to their own needs to select the service, and then click Continue to confirm, the next step.



Check the next is not wrong, then click Register and click Done to complete the App ID to create.



二、apply for a iOS Distribution Certificate


Use the Appuploader tool to apply for an iOS certificate directly in Windows


Download installed Appuploader 


2.1 open the program, enter the Apple Developer Center account, login.



2.2 Select Certification



2.3 click + ADD, here to develop a certificate, etc. to create options, where the election of the third issue of a certificate.

If you have a certificate issued before you can not create, with the previous line, Apple provides individuals can only create three release certificate.



2.4 input, certificate name (free) mailbox (any mailbox will do) password (later compiled when used) and then click ok



2.5 at this time to generate a good release of a certificate, click p12 File, download the certificate file, save to the computer.



So that the release of the certificate to create a good.


三、 apply to publish the description file


3.1 Back to Software Click Profiles



3.2 click + ADD, there are development description files and so on options, where the election release file.



3.3 Select APP IDs, which were created in the Developer Center and will appear automatically here.



3.4 check the newly created release certificate association, enter name, click ok


Note: If you previously created multiple release certificates, the following release certificate box displays multiple release certificates,

You can select all, the default newly created release certificate, package the latest issue of the certificate issued by the password.

Ps: release the certificate can be a different app, the description of the different documents on the line.



3.5 At this point to generate a release description file, click Download to download to the computer to save



四、 build IPA


xcode  builds ipa tutorial


4.1Upload your APP package zip to the site



4.2click Builds Choice iOS Upload ios certificates provisioning profiles



4.3Click the lock icon to enter the password



4.4Click Rebuild Identification certificate construction IPA



4.5After the completion of the compiler to download the IPA package



五、Create an App in iTunes Connect


5.1 return to the software, click ItunerConnect, enter the iTunes Connect to create the APP.



5.2 choose my APP click on the top left corner + select the new APP, enter your application name, language, package ID, previously created in the Developer Center corresponding APP IDs


(And create the iOS app to select the appid to be consistent, so with the iOS authentication package IPA, upload can be linked to the)

Sku can not write Chinese, click to create.



5.3 Here suggested that the use of Xcode or Application loader submitted IPA, and so under the Appuploader directly in the Windows environment upload ipa, no Mac.


APP information is now not filled out, and so under the IPA upload successful and then fill out.

Here to build the version next to no +, followed by upload IPA will appear, and so will be used.



六、 upload IPA to the App Store


6.1 Open the Appuploader program and click Upload.



6.2 Select the iap package you just generated



6.3Appuploader will automatically upload your IPA, when the following tips, indicating successful upload, click deail can view APP information.


If the red bar of the progress bar fails, copy the error message at the bottom and view the specific question under Translate.

Two common mistakes


First, the version number is duplicated. There is already an identical version of the ipa package in the background of itunesconnect. The solution is to increase the version number and retransmit the package.

For example, the following error message indicates that there is already a 2.0.8 version, which can be added as 2.0.9 package to re-upload.


1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\au\itmsp\1366177828.itmsp – Error Messages:
ERROR ITMS-4238: “Redundant Binary Upload. You鈥檝e already uploaded a build with build number ‘201803301650’ for version number ‘2.0.8’. Make sure you increment the build string before you upload your app to iTunes Connect. Learn More in Xcode Help (” at SoftwareAssets/PreReleaseSoftwareAsset


2, open through a dedicated password to upload need to configure a special password, or upload an error.

1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\au\itmsp\1346411136.itmsp – Error Messages:
Sign in with the app-specific password you generated. If you forgot the app-specific password or need to create a new one, go to


Private password upload ipa configuration tutorial

Other reasons for error can be copied wrong translation look at the situation, you can also send e-mail questions.



7、Back to iTunes Connect for review


7.1After the upload is successful, to the activities that can be seen uploaded ipa build version。


If there is no build version, or build version disappears, please go to the developer account email to view the feedback email, view the reason, modify the re-upload.





7.2 and then set up APP-related information, categories, prices, sales and service.




Screenshots, if your application only supports iPhone, you only need to provide 5.5-inch display screenshots

Pixel – Portrait: 1242 x 2208, horizontal: 2208 x 1242

72 dpi, RGB, flat, opaque

High quality JPEG or PNG image file format).

Other sizes check the 5.5-inch on the line, up to upload 5.

If your application supports iPad, a 12.9-inch screen shot will be able to meet the requirements.

APP icon size is 1024 * 1024


7.3After setting the appropriate APP information, click Submit for review.



7.4 Submit the review back to my APP view will be prompted to wait for the audit, the audit is sometimes a day or two, or a few days time, often visit to see the audit situation, or see e-mail tips.



If you become available for sale, congratulations you ~ shelves success, if the display is rejected, click to view the problem, according to feedback and then re-upload.


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