1, login prompt (as shown below)   Because Apple updated the agreement, you need to log in to the APPID Management Center to agree to the privacy agreement. After you agree, you can log in to the AU. Apple id agrees with the privacy new agreement tutorial     2, login AU error (as shown… Read More

          The red box above shows that the ipa upload is successful. Log in to iTunes Connect https://itunesconnect.apple.com/login to view the uploaded ipa.   Go to the app, click on the activity, all build options (shown below), here will show the build version of the successful upload, if the ipa package… Read More

  1, apply for ios developer certificate error (as shown below)     Because Apple officially requires up to 2 iOS development certificates, if the account already has 2 development certificates, the application will be reported.   A development certificate can be used for multiple APP tests. Each application does not need to apply for… Read More

If the Apple Developer account has a dual authentication login, you need to configure the dedicated password to the Appuploader to upload the ipa. If you do not configure a dedicated password to upload ipa, you will report the following error.   1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\au\itmsp\1346411136.itmsp – Error Messages: Sign in with the app-specific password you generated. If you forgot the app-specific password or need to create a new one, go to appleid.apple.com (-22938)   Here’s the solution. Open login https://appleid.apple.com     Find… Read More

  The login AU error message prompts this because Apple has updated the protocol and needs to log in to the APPID Management Center to agree to the privacy agreement. After agreeing, you can log in to the AU.     Open login https://appleid.apple.com,It will pop up automatically, and then click to continue (if there… Read More